Study Spaces

Birkbeck Library is generally quiet and you must turn your mobile phone to silent before coming in. There is a Phone Zone on level 1.

You should not eat food in the Library. All drinks (except for alcohol) are allowed.

Silent study areas

These are on levels 3 and 4. There is a laptop-free area at the far end of level 4.

Group study area

For group work, there is a Group study area with open, unreserved, space and bookable pods on level 1.

There are 3 Group study pods which can be booked by Birkbeck students and staff only:

  • The Library Group Study Pod 1 seats 4 with a display screen
  • The Library Group Study Pod 2 seats 4 with a display screen
  • The Library Group Study Pod 3 seats 8 with a display screen

Book a pod here or use:

The pods can be booked in half-hour slots. You can book up to a maximum of two hours per day, and seven hours per week. You can book up to four weeks in advance. Please remember to cancel your booking if you no longer need it.

The pods can be booked when the Library is open. On a normal term-time day that means the first booking is 8.30am and the last booking is 10.30pm. See our current opening hours.

If a pod is not booked, you are free to use it. However users with bookings always have priority. Please vacate the pod promptly when other users’ bookings are about to start.

To use the display screens, you may borrow display port, HDMI or VGA cables from the Issue Desk on the ground floor.

Accessibility Centre

This on level 1 and is a quiet study area.