Printing and Photocopying

The photocopiers in the Library are also printers.

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How do I... photocopy?

PDF iconIllustrated guide to Photocopiers

This fully-illustrated guide will help you with the basics of photocopying in the Library. Laminated versions of this guide are near the copiers.

The photocopier/printers are on level 1 of the Library. All of the copiers can print and copy in black and white and colour.

The photocopier/printers can make A4 and A3 copies, reductions and enlargements and double-sided copies.

Copies cost 5p for A4 (25p for colour) and 10p for A3 (50p for colour). Pay for copying using your Birkbeck online account, which is linked to your ID card. Visitors should ask at the Library Help Desk for a visitor account to use the photocopiers.

Photocopies should only be used for private study or research for non-commercial purposes. As a general guide, under fair dealing, you are allowed to copy up to:

  • One chapter from a book
  • One article from a journal issue
  • One single case report from a law report


  • Up to 10% of a given work, whichever is the greater

    How do I... print?

    PDF iconIllustrated Guide to Printing

    This is a guide to printing from PCs in the Library. Laminated copies are by the photocopiers.

    The photocopier/printers are on level 1, outside the Library's Seminar Room.

    Wireless printing

    Illustrated instructions for how to use the Library photocopiersIllustrated Guide to Wireless Printing

    Laminated copies are available by the photocopier/printers.

    IT Services have EveryonePrint which allows printing via a web browser.

    Using Windows, Apple or Linux computers, you can upload documents and send them to our printers. For more details see the ITS website.

    From a mobile device you can send an email with your documents attached to.  You will get a reply asking you to register your email address the first time you use this service. Logon to the wireless printing portal to release your document to an ITS or Library printer.

    Pay for printing using your Birkbeck online account, which is linked to your ID card. See below for how to add money to your account.

    Printing costs 5p for A4 (25p for colour) and 10p for A3 (50p for colour).

    How do I... top up my Birkbeck print/photocopy account?

    PDF iconIllustrated Guide to Using the Topping Up Unit

    • Top up with cash using the unit on level 1 of the Library (next to the entrance to the Phone Zone)
    • or top up with cash using the unit near the entrance to the main building (next to the Student Advice Service)
    • or pay with cash or card at the Birkbeck Shop in the basement
    • or by debit/credit card from the ITS web site

    Why hasn't my work printed out?

    This could be for one of the following reasons:

    • Not enough money on the account (place the cursor over the dollar sign at the bottom, right of the computer screen to check this).
    • The work has been sent to another printer in the college. Go to file, print and check which printer the work was sent to.
    • Did you make sure that the previous user of the PC had logged out and that you logged in with your username and password? 
    • A problem with the printer (ask at the Help Desk on level 1)
    • You may have selected the wrong page range to print - when printing from PDF, the page range will be that of the PDF itself (which will always start at page 1) and not those printed on the pages of the original article.

    How do I... scan to USB?

    PDF iconIllustrated guide to Scanning to USB

    You can scan documents straight onto your USB using the Library photocopier/printers. Our illustrated instructions will take you step-by-step through the process. For the best results, please follow every stage carefully and set each one before beginning. The process itself is very straightforward.

    You will need some credit on your print account to be able to start to scan, though there is no charge for the scanning itself.

    Laminated versions of the illustrated instructions are also by the copiers outside the Seminar Room on level 1.

    Please note that scanning at higher resolutions than advised can result in very large file sizes, which will take significantly longer to download to your USB. Always follow our recommendations wherever possible.