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The David Bohm Papers

David Bohm and Birkbeck College

David Joseph Bohm (1917-1992) was Professor of Theoretical Physics at Birkbeck College, University of London, from 1961 to 1987.

The Papers

There is significant biographical material in the collection. There are obituaries and tributes, interviews, discussions and dialogues with Bohm, including those at Ojai, California. Bohm's ideas attracted much interest and there are a significant number of articles and papers inspired by him. Material directly recording his life and career is comparatively slight, but there are papers relating to Bohm's difficulties with the House Committee on Un-American Activities 1949-1951. These are drafts by Bohm of papers and lectures, mostly unpublished, including some drafts on quantum theory, although the bulk are of a philosophical nature. There are also copies of a few of his published works and book reviews by others of Bohm's works and drafts by F. D. Peat drawing on Bohm's work which were found with the papers. The correspondence is divided into two sequences. There is a sequence of general correspondence, including photocopies of correspondence with Einstein from 1950-1954, which include discussion of quantum theory as well as Einstein's advice on Bohm's career. Other significant correspondents are R. Karnette, H. M. Loewy and M. Phillips. The second sequence is photocopies of the voluminous correspondence on a wide range of philosophical and scientific subjects with the American artist and theorist Charles J. Biederman, 1960-1969.

The Library is grateful to Professor Basil Hiley, Theoretical Physics Research Unit, Birkbeck College, for making the material available.

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Please contact Sue Godsell, Science Librarian, on +44 (0)20 7631 6062 or email to make an appointment to consult items. The catalogues are available below:

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Other David Bohm Material

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