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Birkbeck Law Press

Birkbeck Law Press was launched in 2003 as an imprint of Birkbeck School of Law and Cavendish Publishing, then one of the UK's leading independent law publishers, since incorporated into Routledge.

Birkbeck Law School has been recognised as an international centre of research excellence, specialising in legal theory and theoretically informed sociolegal research and pioneering critical approaches to scholarship.

Birkbeck Law Press aims to develop a distinct publishing profile by addressing the legal challenges of late modernity. Globalisation and the move towards universal legal values, which should respect cultural specificities and local conditions, have created the urgent need for greater dialogue and understanding between the major schools of thought and legal systems in the world. Most legal publishing, driven by the needs of specialisation and the state-based nature of positive law, has not systematically addressed these concerns.

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  • Bethania Assy, Injustice - A Time Out of Joint.

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