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Successfully completed doctorates


Mischa Allen

  • Supervisor: Elena Loizidou.

Elisabetta Bertolino

  • Supervisor: Elena Loizidou.

Başak Ertür

  • Başak was appointed as lecturer at Birkbeck Law School in September 2013.
  • Thesis title: Spectacles and Spectres: Political Trials, Performativity and Scenes of Sovereignty.
  • Supervisors: Costas Douzinas and Elena Loizidou.

Daniel Matthews

  • Supervisor: Costas Douzinas.

Eva Marschan

  • Supervisor: Leslie Moran.


Anna Chronopoulou

  • Supervisor: Leslie Moran.

George D Pappas

  • Thesis title: The Literary and Legal Genealogy of Native American Dispossession. The Marshall Trilogy Cases (1823-1832).
  • Supervisors: Patricia Tuitt and Piyel Haldar.


Stephen Connelly

  • Supervisor: Anton Schutz.

Richard Bowyer

  • Richard was appointed as a lecturer in law at the University of Exeter School of Law in 2012, having previously been at Queen Mary, University of London.
  • Thesis title: The Laws of James Joyce: Myth, Music, Mind.
  • Supervisors: Peter Fitzpatrick and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera.

Cormac Deane

  • Cormac was appointed Lecturer in Department of the Humanities at Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin.
  • Thesis title: The Frame of Exception: US Film and Television featuring ‘Terrorism’ 1990-2010.
  • Supervisors: Costas Douzinas/Joanna Bourke Birkbeck (with Conor Gearty LSE and David Lloyd Univ of California).

Samantha McBean

  • Supervisors: Elena Loizidou and Heike Bauer (Department of English and Humanities).

Carolina Olarte

  • Thesis title: Constitutionalism, Economy and the Evacuation of the Political: Transitional Justice and Biopolitics in the Colombian Case.
  • Supervisors: Oscar Guardiola-Rivera and Peter Fitzpatrick.

Can Oztas

  • Thesis title: Black Stains on White Castle: Snapshots of inclusion and exclusion in Europe.
  • Supervisors: Bill Bowring and Costas Douzinas.

Francis Yeoh


Mya Ajayi

  • Thesis title: Physical Chastisement: Cross Cultural UK/Nigerian Perspectives. The external examiners were Prof Gillian Douglas and Stephen Gilmour.
  • Supervisor: Daniel Monk.

Kathleen Birrell

  • Supervisor: Peter Fitzpatrick

Adeshola Morenike Babington-Ashaye

  • Thesis area: (Ab)use for public office for private gain: A socio legal-analysis of public office corruption.
  • Supervisor: Amanda Perry-Kessaris.

Janet Banda

  • Supervisor: Patrick McAuslan

Robert James

  • Thesis title: The Response of the English Legal System to People Living with HIV.
  • Supervisor: Matthew Weait.

MOB Okeowa

  • Supervisor: Daniel Monk (co-supervised with Sociology).

Chrysthia Papacleovoulou

  • Chrysthia is currently working in Law Chambers.
  • Thesis title: The Emerging Global Corporation.
  • Supervisor: Fiona Macmillan.


Isaac OC Igwe

  • Thesis title: Globalisation and Global Economic Governance: Reshaping the Contours of International Trade Liberalisation
  • Supervisor: Bill Bowring.

Richard Fitch

  • Supervisor: Anton Schutz.

Lucy Finchett-Maddock

  • Lucy was appointed as a Lecturer in Law in the School of Law at the University of Exeter.
  • Thesis title: Social Centres and Legal Innovation: Memory and hope through the hidden law of naughtiness.
  • Supervisors: Oscar Guardiola-Rivera and Adam Gearey.

Sophie Oliver

  • Thesis was on the question of witnessing and the cultural memory of atrocity in relation to notions of the (in)human and the body, particularly as framed with the discourse of human rights.
  • Supervisors: Costas Douzinas and Lynne Segal (School of English and Humanities).

Sharon Persaud

  • Supervisor: Patrick Hanafin.

Derek Watts

  • Supervisor: Patrick McAuslan.


Cathy Andrews

  • Supervisor: Linda Mulcahy.
  • Recent publication: Cathy Andrews (and Linda Mulcahy) 'Judgment: 11 Baird Textile Holdings v Marks & Spencer Plc', Part III Property and Markets, Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice, R. Hunter, C. McGlynn and E. Rackley eds (Hart Publishing, September 2010, ISBN 1849460531 /9781849460538) p. 189.

Kevin Barker

  • Supervisor: Patricia Tuitt.

Gina Bekker

  • Supervisor: Rachel Murray

Helen Carr

  • Supervisor: Linda Mulcahy

Richard Joyce

  • Richard was appointed as a Lecturer in Law in the School of Law at the University of Reading in September 2008.
  • Thesis title: Position and Relation: The Interaction of Sovereign Claims.
  • Supervisors: Peter Fitzpatrick and Fiona Macmillan

Vincent Keyter

  • Supervised by Costas Douzinas.

Gilbert Leung

Olakunle Olatawura

  • Thesis title: The Creation and Impact of Property Rights in International Sport: A Benevolent and Functional Analysis.
  • Supervisor: Fiona Macmillan.

Pablo Sanges Ghetti

  • Supervisor:  Peter Fitzpatrick

Tracie Scott

  • Supervisor: Patricia Tuitt.


Jose Manuel Barretto

  • Thesis was on the decolonial turn, emotions and human rights, departing from a critique of the Eurocentric and rationalist theory of rights.
  • Supervisor: Costas Douzinas.

Jose Bellido

  • Jose was appointed as Lecturer in Law at Birkbeck School of Law in 2009.
  • Thesis title: Copyright in Latin America. Experiences of the Making (1880-1910).
  • Supervisor: Fiona Macmillan.

Ben Golder

  • Ben is a lecturer in law at the University of New South Wales

Stephen (Rudi) Moffitt

  • Thesis topic: Copyright from a Paradigmatic Perspective: Toward a Framework for Analysing Change.
  • Supervisor: Fiona Macmillan.

Sundhya Pahuja

Matt Stone

  • Matt was appointed as a Lecturer in Law in the Department of Law, Governance and International Relations at London Metropolitan University.
  • Thesis was on the relation between law, political subjectivity and Emmanuel Levinas's philosophy of ethics.
  • Supervisor:  Costas Douzinas

Illan rua Wall

  • Illan was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Law in the Law Faculty at Oxford Bookes University.
  • Thesis was on legal theory and human rights.
  • Supervisor: Costas Douzinas.


Ahmed Ali Alkhezaimy

  • Thesis title: The rule of law debate in Arab countries: the case of the UAE constitution beyond the polarity of either modernity of Islam.
  • Supervisor: Adam Gearey.


Donatella Alessandrini

  • Donatella was appointed as Lecturer in Law at Kent Law School.
  • Thesis title: Developing countires and the multilateral trade regime: The failure and promise of the WTO's development mission.
  • Supervisor: Fiona Macmillan

Nathan Moore

  • Nathan was appointed as a Lecturer in Law at Birkbeck School of Law in 2004.
  • Thesis was on the interrelation of property and subjectivity through the lens of the work of philosopher Gilles Deleuze.
  • Supervisor: Adam Gearey.

Successfully Completed MPhil Degrees


Kirsten Marenah

  • Supervised by Marinos Diamantides