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Past Law Research Seminars

December 2017 - Nathan Moore (Birkbeck, University of London) Coal Seams and Bit Streams: Two Recent Cases On The Conceptual Difficulty Of Being And/Or Having

November 2017 - Shaun McVeigh (University of Melbourne) Conditions of Carriage: Formulations of Office and Place in Minor Jurisprudences of London

November 2017 - Samera Esmeir (Berkeley, University of California) Confronting Conscription: On the Possibilities of Ottoman Rebellions

November 2017 - Maria Drakopoulou (University of Kent) Foucault's First Choice: Of Biopolitics, The Canon and Doing History Otherwise

May 2017 Carey Young (Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck School of Law) Palais de Justice

March 2017 Noémi Levy-Aksu (Department of History, Boğaziçi University) The Power of Discretion: Regimes of Exception in the Late Ottoman Empire

February 2017 Elena Loizidou (Birkbeck School of Law) Without Law

January 2017 Avery Gordon (Sociology Department, UC Santa Barbara) Letters from the Hawthorn Archive

November 2016 Renata Salecl (University of Ljubljana / Birkbeck) Law and Body Secrets: The fantasy structure of genes and brains

October 2016 Adam Geary Lives that Slide Out of View:Law and Poverty

March 2016 Yael Navaro-Yashin (University of Cambridge) Violence and Spirituality: Cosmography Beyond Governmentality at the Turkish/Syrian Territorial Interface

Feb 2016 Marco Wan (The University of Hong Kong) Feminist Literary Theory, Legal Texts: an Encounter

Jan 2016 Stewart Motha (School of Law, Birkbeck) Sovereignty Enisled

Dec 2015 Professor George Pavlich (University of Alberta) Accusation and Expanding Crime-control Networks

Oct 2015 Josephine Ross (Howard University School of Law) Stop & Search: Drawing the Line Between Submission and Consent.

Sept 2015 Dawn Moore (Carleton University, CanadaWhat the Police Saw?’: The Camera, Domestic Violence and Viewing Interpersonal Violence

Feb 2015 Lois Gander QC (University of AlbertaPublic Legal Education and Social Justice: Connecting University and Community

Dec 2014 Henrique Carvalho (City University) The Ambivalent Subject of Criminal Law

Nov 2014 Patricia Tuitt (Birkbeck School of Law) Academic Judgement and the Force of Law

Oct 2014 Maja Bruun (Aalborg University) Urban Commons and Communities

Jan 2014  Shaun McVeigh (Melbourne Law School) Offices, Dignities, Jurisdictions and Jurisprudences

Oct 2013  Tony Platt (San Jose State University) If we know, then we must fight: Legacies of 1970s radical criminology in the United States

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