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SOAS / Senate House Helpfile

A helpfile, for the use of Birkbeck teaching staff, for the School of Oriental and Asian Studies campus, of teaching rooms booked for Birkbeck evening teaching.


SOAS, University of London

Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

Tel: +44 (0)20 7637 2388

SOAS location (Brunei Gallery building)

SOAS Brunei Gallery

 SOAS Senate House North Block

Brunei gallery       -fixed PC, data projector, DVD player

Bru 201-               (Capacity 20)      fixed PC, data projector, DVD player

Bru 202 -              (Capacity 25)      fixed PC, data projector, DVD player

Bru 203-               (Capacity 15)      fixed PC, data projector, DVD player

Bru 204-               (Capacity 20)      fixed PC, data projector, DVD player

Bru 211-               (Capacity 20)      fixed PC, data projector, DVD player

Lang T102-           (Capacity 20)      fixed PC, data projector, DVD player

(Lang T102 is situated in 22 Russell Square)

SEN S113 -           (Capacity 33)      fixed PC, data projector

SEN S116 -           (Capacity 27)      fixed PC, data projector

SEN S118  -          (Capacity 32)      fixed PC, data projector

SEN S208 -           (Capacity 24)      fixed PC, data projector

SEN S209 -           (Capacity 45)      fixed PC, data projector

SEN S211 -           (Capacity 35)      fixed PC, data projector

SEN S312 -           (Capacity 45)      fixed PC, data projector

The Login details for Birkbeck tutors can be found on this link, note this applies to all SOAS venues (staff username and password required):

Wi-Fi Facilities

WiFi – If students or staff have a Birkbeck Eduroam account, then the SOAS Eduroam service can be joined as a guest.

First you have to create an account in your home institution, Birkbeck, details of which are on this link: Birkbeck Eduroam

There is no specific instruction on the SOAS website for joining the SOAS Eduroam service, if you need specific advice, contact the SOAS ITS Helpdesk (see below)

AV emergencies should be reported to the SOAS helpdesk 0207 898 (4950) while onsite

Key Contacts at SOAS
Please call our Facilities Helpdesk to report building faults or work requests for cleaning, security, maintenance and porterage. Available 24/7 365 days a year for operational support, building access control and to raise any maintenance issues.
You can email the Helpdesk via , or call the team on ext.: 2424, for external dial: 020 8526 8731
For IT related queries and requests, please continue to contact the IT Service Desk via i, or on ext.: 4950, for external dial: 020 7898 4950


If you have any queries or complaints about any aspect of the A/V provision in this venue, please contact the Birkbeck AV team.

If the venue’s A/V or IT departments need to be contacted the A/V team will do so on your behalf.

The Birkbeck A/V team (ITS) via email at  

or by telephone on 020 7631 6543.