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Externally Hosted Online Services

The following are a list of externally hosted online services that are currently in use at Birkbeck.

Links to these web sites may appear in email messages from Birkbeck staff.

The list here is provided for information and to assist in evaluating whether a message is fraudulent. However, please use with discretion. It is not uncommon for criminals to use a variant of the website name in setting up a fraudulent site, so it remains very important to consider other aspects of the message being received. 

      Sign in page for Office365 

      Birkbeck's hosted Sharepoint site

       Symantec/MessageLabs' quarantine location for suspicious email messages

      The Safety Office training and compliance resource. Safety Office Training page. 

      on line training resource, details from ITS

      The Bristol Online survey service

      Annual Staff Survey


The following online services are commonly used by Birkbeck staff on an ad hoc basis - however please note that no contract exists for the provision of these services.

      Eventbrite, used for event organisation and etickets (see our advice on the safe use of this servce).

      online meeting scheduler (see our advice on the safe use of this service).