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ITS Staff List

Mr James Smith (Director)

Systems and Networking Team

Mr André Zelenka  (Head of IT Infrastructure)
Mr Steve Komosa (Systems Support Group Leader)
Mr Sujit Acharyya-choudhury (Systems Administrator)
Mr Russell Bailey (Windows Systems Administrator)
Mr Kevin Brunt (Network Services Analyst)
Mr Andy Bullock (Systems Support)
Mr Simon Johnson (Windows Systems Administrator)
Ms Srutni Karia (Desktop Systems Support)
Mr Ali Parvin (Systems Administrator)
Ms Dorma Powell (Network Services Architect)
Mr Raymond Poole (Telecomms Support)

School Support

Mr David Murray (School of Arts)
Mr Alan Forth (School of Law)
Mr Neil Hearn (School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy)

User Support Team

Mr Nigel Buckle (Manager)

Service Support Group

            Desktop Support         
              Ms Angela Ng (Group Coordinator)
              Mr Mohamed Abu-taleb (IT Support Officer)
              Mr James Campbell (IT Support Officer)
              Mr Boris Iwan (IT Support Officer)
              Mr Santosh Lall (IT Support Officer)
              Mr Stephen Morton (IT support Officer)
              Ms Claire Namayanja (IT Support Officer) 

              Teaching Room Support 

               Mr Steve Hurford (AV Group Leader) 
               Mr David Burke (AV Installations Supervisor) 
               Mr Alex Horsburgh (AV & Media Installer) 
               Mr Jack Anderson (AV Technician) 
               Mr John Sullivan(AV Technician)

TEL Group

               Mr Leo Havemann (Learning Technology Support)
               Mr Peter Leffek (Learning Technology Support)
               Mr Damien Darcy (Lecture Recording Coordinator)


  Media Services Team

   Mr Mansour Shabbak (Video & Media)
   Mr Dominic Mifsud (Photography & Media )


Web Team

Ms Naomi Bain (Web Officer (Training and User Experience))
Mr Arno Blumer (Web Developer)
Ms Barbara Harris (Web Developer)
Ms Linda Pan (Web Systems Analyst)
Mr Adrian White (Front End Web Developer) 


Corporate Information Systems Team

Ms Michelle Boyle (Senior Systems Analyst & Developer)
Mr James Clare (Senior Systems Analyst & Developer)
Mr Sinan Hassan (Systems Analyst & Developer)
Mr Chetan Patel (CIS Technical Architect)
Mr Steve Potter (CIS Project Manager)
Mr Jaysheel Ramjee (Senior Systems Analyst & Developer)
Mr Paul Scott (Database Administrator)
Mr Emlyn Williams (Systems Analyst & Developer)
Ms Emma Winnifrith (CIS Project Manager)