Human Resources

1.0 Responsibilities

1.1 Responsibilities for All Parties

The objectives of the secondment, both from the perspective of the individual's career development and the managers involved, should be agreed and understood by all parties in advance of the commencement of the secondment. It is essential that there are written terms of the secondment agreement in place, they are understood by the individual and the managers involved - this must include in particular supervision, pay and conditions issues, arrangements for performance and conduct management and the implications in regard to return from the secondment.  A template agreement is available at Appendix A alternatively HR may draft a letter covering the terms of the agreement and addressing the relevant issues.  Secondments should be established on an initial trial period.  Regular review meetings by the host line manager should be established with the secondee to monitor progress and highlight any issues which need to be addressed arising from the secondment. 

1.2 The Substantive Post Line Manager’s Responsibilities

  •  All secondment requests will be given careful consideration and accommodated where possible.
  • Ensure the granting of a secondment will not adversely affect the smooth running of the business.
  •  In the case of shared week internal secondments, agree with the other line manager involved the terms of the secondment (Appendix A) which will include the working pattern, who will be responsible for authorising annual leave, sickness and performance monitoring.
  • Ensure a tailored induction for the secondee and ensure that the secondment is carefully reviewed and monitored throughout.
  • Ensure the budget is available to cover any backfilling of the role on a temporary basis.
  • Ensure any backfilling of the post encompasses the timeframes of the secondment and includes a provision for possible early termination.
  • Encourage feedback and evaluation from secondees on or prior to their return to their substantive post.

1.3 Staff Member’s Responsibilities

  • Ensure prior discussion and agreement from the line manager is obtained before an application is made. 
  • Ensure they are only carrying a reasonable amount of annual leave i.e. the accrual of days for the year to date, into and out of the secondment position.
  •  Return to the substantive post at the specified time following the secondment.
  • Secondment represents an opportunity for individual development and therefore personal objectives should be agreed by the substantive post line manager.  These might include:
    • identification of good practice that could be applied on return;
    • broadening of experience generally or in relation to a specified skill or competence;
    • Creation of a more outward or flexible approach to work related issues;
    • learning on general, procedural or management issues from the other department.

1.4 Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Ensure the appropriate paperwork is issued to those on secondment and the relevant managers.
  • Ensure any salary amendments are in place for the secondee.

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