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College funding information:


STFC funded PhD studentship in Planetary Science 2018 - applications now closed

Characterising asteroidal and cometary material on the Moon and its value for future resource utilisation - project details for reference only.


NERC London Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)

Applications are now closed - project details are given for reference only.

The department is part of the NERC London Doctoral Training Partnership. NERC funded projects include fees, a student stipend, which is set in line with RCUK guidelines, and a research grant to cover any expenses associated with the project. Many of our academics are lead supervisors for 2018 studentships - you can find more details about Birkbeck projects.

NERC DTP Birkbeck projects - reference only

If you want to know more about these projects or have your own idea for a project do not hesitate to contact an apropriate member of academic staff - contact details can be found through the profile links.

  • A geological puzzle related to the subduction history of the southern Antarctic Peninsula (Supervisor Andy Carter)
  • Fluvial and lacustrine sedimentation in a foreland basin (Supervisor Charlie Bristow)
  • Evolution of explosive magmatic systems on oceanic islands: example of Brava (Cape Verdes) (Supervisor Hilary Downes)
  • Assessing early hominin diet using carbon isotope analysis of cut-marked bone (Supervisor Phil Hopley)
  • Modelling the effects of partial melt on seismic waves (Supervisor James Hammond)
  • Joint Seismic tomography for the Africa plate and underlying mantle (Supervisor James Hammond)
  • Can boron isotopes be used as a proxy for palaeo-frugivory? (Supervisor Phil Hopley)
  • Constraining the glacial carbon cycle (Supervisor Philip Pogge von Strandmann)



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