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Visiting academic staff

Miguel Mendonca

  • Honorary Research Fellow
  • Academic background: Miguel studied a variety of subjects including forestry, horticulture and journalism, before completing a degree in Geography and History at University College Cork. He took postgraduate courses through the Open University in philosophy of science and environmental ethics. His work is mainly informed by interdisciplinary geographical approaches. He works across a variety of disciplines including ecology, economy, philosophy, psychology, sociology and geography. A holistic, trans-ideological approach is pursued.
  • Publications: Miguel has authored or co-authored three books on renewable energy and sustainability: Feed-in Tariffs (Earthscan, 2007), A Renewable World (Green Books, 2009) and Powering the Green Economy (Earthscan, 2010). He has contributed chapters to several more, published many articles and a number of studies on renewable energy and participation.
  • Research interests: 'Participation as the key to sustainability' is Miguel's central thesis, drawn from and explored from different angles, in his works. He investigates renewable energy and sustainability policies and practices within the overall context of the questions: what must we do in order to avert catastrophic climate change? What would a sustainable economy look like? What is the nature of the relationship between citizens, power, politics and the environment?
  • Contact details:
  • Tel: +44 (0)117 377 4315
  • Mobile: +44 (0)7962 681735
  • Email:

Masatoshi Morita

  • Email:
  • Research interests
    • The relationships between scales and geographical phenomena
    • GIS and Geographical Information Science
    • Spatial analysis (Point pattern analysis)