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Current research students

  • ALI, Nelly: An Ethnography: The Influence of Resilience, Shame and Gender on the Day to Day Life and Decision Making of Street Children in Cairo, Egypt
  • ALVAREZ MINTE, Gabriela: What is a backlash on women's rights? The case of bodily integrity in Mexico and Chile
  • BOAMPONG, Michael: How contemporary migration in the context of economic crises affects children and childhood within Ghanaian transnational families
  • CAPPARELLI, Cary: The world Formula One championship and North America: the development of a globalized industrial sports complex?
  • CARLIN, Eric: Young people in Pilton, Edinburgh: experiences of social exclusion, resilience and social capital
  • CARVER, Louise
  • CORCILLO, Piero: Post-Olympic Games Athletes Villages Redevelopment: A Comparison of Turin 2006 and London 2012
  • DERI, Andrea: Transformative Currents: the role of local ecological knowledge in small, low-lying, tropical islands’ resilience and transformability to climate change in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India
  • DEWAN, Camelia: Embanking the Sundarbans: The interactions between developmental discourses, environment and livelihoods
  • ELDRIDGE, Jillian A: The impact of planning policy on flood risk and insurance loss potential in the Thames Gateway
  • O'DWYER, Pauline
  • OSHO, Bridget: My Baby, My Voice: Women’s view on how the environment influenced their stillbirth experience
  • POPESCU, Diane: Montreal Adolescents' Perception of their Urban Environment
  • REID, Peter John: Employment initiatives - Kent/Northern France
  • SCARR, Toni: Marine conservation zones in estuaries
  • STROMBERG, Marit Marsh: Investigating the potential of optimising the interregional spatial allocation of wind and solar PV capacity in EU
  • TROSS, David
  • VAN ROOYEN, Jacobus: Urban Development of the South African City: An agent-based modelling assessment of persistent segregation in the City of Cape Town
  • SARAIVA, Marcus: AXS: An Agent-Based Simulation Model for Urban Flows
  • KOHLI, Pavni

Past research students

  • ALIZADEH, Ivona: EU integration and environmental policy in the Czech and Slovak republics
  • BEEDIE, Ezi: Women and Pension Adequacy in Nigeria: the case of retired civil servants
  • LEITE, Marianna: From Rhetoric to Reality in Improving Maternal Health Outcomes: An Analysis of Women's Rights Activism in Brazil
  • CHAPMAN, Neil: Modelling the dynamic interaction between hydrology, slope stability and wave run-up processes in the soft sea-cliffs at Covehithe, Suffolk, UK
  • FUENTES, Lorena: The material and symbolic contradictions involved in how the Guatemalan women’s movement works to challenge and eradicate extreme forms of gender-based violence
  • KEVICKA, Danica: Coping tactics of new Slovakian migrants in London
  • McGUIRE, Anthony: Defining and Delimiting Urban Neighbourhoods: a case study of housing areas in Brent, North London
  • SASTRY, Deepti: Urban Indian middle class environmental values: a postmaterial analysis
  • SEARCH, Paul: Power, trust and knowledge within investment relationships: Theorising UK private equity
  • SIAMANTA, Christina: The political ecology of the biodiversity crisis in Greece
  • WILLIS, Iain: The application of multivariate cluster analysis in the assessment of volcanic social vulnerability
  • WYLDE, Allison: Trusting in practice: the nature and processes of proximate relationships in managing the security of organizations Post 9/11