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About us

We are a group of like-minded academics in the Department of Geography. We use quantitative and computational methods to investigate social and natural phenomena, including urban dynamics, crime, and coastal erosion.

The vision of the Geoanalytics and Modelling Group (GAM) is that spatial thinking and computing contribute to a great variety of research areas, spanning from the natural sciences to the social sciences and the humanities. GAM promotes the adoption of geographic information as a powerful integrator for multidisciplinary approaches to address fundamental challenges in human and natural systems.

If you would like to contact us for research projects or to co-organise events, send an email to our coordinator .


  • Our members and their research interests:
    • Andrea Ballatore (Coordinator), Lecturer in Big Data Analytics and Geographic Information Science - big data analytics, volunteered geographic information
    • Joana Barros, Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Science - urban metrics and modelling
    • Becky Briant, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography - geological river activity, modelling and dating techniques
    • Sue Brooks, Reader in Environmental Systems Analytics - GIS applications to analysing shoreline retreat and recovery
    • Paul Elsner, Lecturer in Geographical Information Science and Physical Geography - remote sensing, spatial decision support systems
    • Stefan Engels, Lecturer in Physical Geography - palaeoecology, past environmental change
    • Aideen Foley, Lecturer in Physical and Environmental Geography - climate modelling
    • Simon Pooley, Lambert Lecturer in Environment (Applied Herpetology) - conservation science
    • Shino Shiode, Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Science - spatial analysis

Areas of Interest

  • Climate modelling
  • Environmental analytics
  • Geographic information science and systems
  • Spatio-temporal data analytics
  • Urban analytics