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Celebrating research at Birkbeck: summer 2015

From investigating lunar samples, to finding a safe place to land a space rover, academics in our Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences are at the forefront of research activities on a galactic scale.

Newborns’ attention linked to later childhood behavioural problems

Babies’ looking patterns in the first few days of life have been linked to later behavioural problems in childhood in new research from Birkbeck’s Babylab

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Novel twin study reveals new direction for exploring paranoia and hallucinations during adolescence

Sleep disturbances and experiences of paranoia and hallucinations may maintain one another in a cyclical manner

London’s complex relationship with UK to be explored at public event

London’s often contentious relationship with the rest of the UK will be explored in a two-day public event in early July

Conference to explore faith-based responses to racial inequalities

A transatlantic conference will examine racial inequality and injustice across the globe

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