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It is with great regret that we announce that this project is now
suspended until further notice, for institutional reasons beyond the
control of the organisers.

'Thank you very much for the thorough instructions. You've made it a cinch to get into the course. I'm sure I will enjoy and derive great benefit from it. It's altogether marvelous, this world wide web of learners and teachers' (Henry Randolph, 845th user of the online course)

I would just like to say once more how much I enjoyed the Summer School - it was a very positive experience , the staff and tutors were all excellent, helpful and inspiring, and I for one came home buzzing with enthusiasm. Thanks to all of you!’ (Lesley Lawn, Summer School 2012), 23 July 2012

"I've secured my first professional contract on the basis of translations I did for a conference in March, translating a philosophy essay by Jean-Luc Marion. Not sure I'd be here if it weren't for Use your language, Use your English!" Andrew Rubens June 2012 (attendee of 2011 Summer School)

Use Your Language, Use Your English: The Project

In July 2010, the AHRC awarded a grant under its Language Skills Training (Specialist) Collaborative Research Training Scheme to a research-training project entitled Use your Language, Use your English. The project was set up by a three-person team: by Professor Naomi Segal (Birkbeck, University of London), Professor Debra Kelly (University of Westminster), and Ros Schwartz, professional translator and member of the Translators Association of the Society of Authors. In November 2012, Prof Kelly left the project and Prof Amanda Hopkinson of City University joined it.

Details of the organisers can be found here. [PDF]

The training is open to any native speaker of English who has one or more other language(s) at advanced level and/or an interest in advanced Editing. As of January 2013, courses are offered by eleven professional translators (into English from Arabic [online course only], Chinese, French (two tutors), German (two tutors), Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish) and a team of professional editors.

Details of the tutors can be found here. [PDF]

Summer School

We run an annual Summer School. Details of our 2013 Summer School are below. To get a taste of what happens, see our videos taken previous Summer Schools or the full webpages:

Online programme

The Online Programme is free of charge, non-intreractive and open to anybody anywhere in the world who is a native speaker of English with an advanced knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish, and/or an interest in learning editing skills. Further courses, in Japanese and Polish, will be added soon. To register, email


In addition to taught courses, the programme includes an examination in all our languages/editing at a fee of £250. There will be one general exam in each of the nine languages and editing, each consisting of three passages, all to be completed. There will also be the option of electing to take an exam in a specialist field, such as Spanish sports, Russian politics, French 19c history, etc – these specialist fields are nominated by the candidate who also selects the text to be translated/edited. All exams are double-marked. Booking for this too will be on an online form via this website. NB The exams are currently suspended pending validation and finalisation of the database.

Database for Academic Translators and Editors [DATE]

If you have passed our exam, you will be able to enter yourself on our Database, which will be searched by anyone looking for an excellent Anglophone translator/editor. Further details and the link to DATE will appear in 2013, pending finalisation.

For any other information, email

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