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All academic staff in the Department are actively engaged in research. Below is a brief description of the research interests within the Faculty.

Algebra: Andrew Bowler, Ben Fairbairn, Sarah Hart, Amarpreet Rattan
Applied Economic Theory: Sandeep Kapur
Applied Microeconomics: Walter Beckert
Applied Statistics: Georgios Papageorgiou, Rosalba Radice
Approximation Theory: Brad Baxter, Sarah Hart
Asset Pricing: David Schroeder
Auction Theory and Practice: Arup Daripa

Backtesting: Ilaria Peri
Bayesian Statistics: Georgios Papageorgiou
Biostatistics: Georgios Papageorgiou
Bootstrap Methods: Swati Chandna, Zacharias Psaradakis

Combinatorics: Ben Fairbairn, Steven Noble, Maura Paterson, Amarpreet Rattan
Commodity Pricing
: Hélyette Geman
Competition Policy: Walter Beckert, Sandeep Kapur, Arina Nikandrova
Contract Theory: Ken Hori
Cryptography: Maura Paterson

Defence Economics: Ron Smith
Derivatives: Hélyette Geman
Development Economics: Alastair Ball, Sandeep Kapur, John Morrow

Econometrics: Alastair Ball, Walter Beckert, Zacharias Psaradakis, Ron Smith, Gylfi Zoega
Economic Theory and Finance: David Schroeder, Arina Nikandrova, Emanuela Sciubba
Economics of the Internet: Walter Beckert, Sandeep Kapur
Empirical Finance: David Schroeder, Roald Versteeg
Energy Markets: Hélyette Geman
European Monetary Union: Yunus Aksoy
Exchange Rates: Yunus Aksoy, Anne Sibert, Ron Smith

Financial Economics: David Schroeder, Roald Versteeg, Stephen Wright
Financial Intermediation: Sandeep Kapur
Financial Markets: Arup Daripa, Hélyette Geman, Arina Nikandrova, Ilaria Peri, David Schroeder, Emanuela Sciubba, Roald Versteeg
Financial Risk: Hélyette Geman, Simon Hubbert, Ilaria Peri
Fiscal Policy: Pedro Gomes
Forecasting: Ron Smith, Stephen Wright

Game Theory: Arup Daripa, Arina Nikandrova, Emanuela Sciubba
Group Theory: Ben Fairbairn, Sarah Hart

Health Economics: Alastair Ball
Hedge Funds: Hélyette Geman
High Frequency Model Estimation: Hélyette Geman

Industrial Organisation: Walter Beckert, John Morrow, Arina Nikandrova
Informal Credit Design: Arup Daripa
Information Security: Maura Paterson
Input Output: Walter Beckert
International Debt: Anne Sibert
International Finance: Anne Sibert, Roald Versteeg
International Macroeconomics: Yunus Aksoy
International Trade: John Morrow

Labour Economics: Alastair Ball, Pedro Gomes, Ken Hori, Gylfi Zoega
Latin Squares: Andrew Bowler
Lévy Processes in Finance: Hélyette Geman

Macroeconomics: Pedro Gomes, Stephen Wright, Gylfi Zoega
Macrofinance: Stephen Wright

Mathematical Finance: Brad Baxter, Hélyette Geman, Simon Hubbert, Ilaria Peri
Matroids: Steven Noble
Mechanism Design: Arup Daripa
Microeconomics: Ken Hori
Military expenditure: Ron Smith
Monetary Economics: Yunus Aksoy, Anne Sibert, Stephen Wright

Network Formation Models: Emanuela Sciubba
Numerical Analysis: Brad Baxter

Open Economy Economics: Anne Sibert
Optimisation: Anthony Brooms, Simon Hubbert

Panel Estimators: Ron Smith
Pensions: Sandeep Kapur
Performance Measures: Ilaria Peri
Political Economy: John Morrow, Anne Sibert, Ron Smith
Probability Theory
: Richard Pymar
Professional Skills forEconomists: Andrew Ross
Public Policy: Sandeep Kapur

Quasigroups: Andrew Bowler
Queueing and Loss Networks: Anthony Brooms

Radial Basis Functions: Brad Baxter
Real Option Valuation: Hélyette Geman
Real Time Data: Yunus Aksoy
Regulation: Arup Daripa, Sandeep Kapur
Risk Measures: Ilaria Peri
Root Systems: Sarah Hart

Search Theory: Ken Hori
Statistical Methodology:Swati Chandna, Georgios Papageorgiou, Rosalba Radice
Statistical Network Analysis: Swati Chandna
Statistical Signal Processing
: Swati Chandna
Stochastic Orderings
: Anthony Brooms
Stochastic Processes: Anthony Brooms, Hélyette Geman, Zacharias Psaradakis, Richard Pymar
Symmetric Designs: Andrew Bowler

Technology: Sandeep Kapur
Threshold Autoregressive Modelling: Zacharias Psaradakis
Time Series Analysis:Swati Chandna, Zacharias Psaradakis