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Our staff

Staff categories 

A full list of staff categories at Birkbeck's Department of Criminology.

Executive Dean (School of Law)

Head of department 

Professional and support staff 

Academic staff 

  • Dr Monish Bhatia Lecturer in Criminology, International Student Coordinator, Programme Director Cert HE Criminology, Exam Board Chair -  Cert HE Criminology and BSc Criminology & Criminal Justice, Criminology Exams Officer, Certificate Criminology Induction Coordinator
  • Aviah Day Lecturer in Criminology
  • Dr Rachael Dobson Lecturer in Criminology, BSc and Certificate Admissions Tutor, Criminology Careers & Internships Coordinator
  • Steven Hutchinson Lecturer in Criminology, PGT Induction Coordinator
  • Dr Sarah Lamble Reader in Criminology and Queer Theory, Assistant Dean for Education and Student Experience
  • Dr Tanya Serisier Assistant Dean for Equalities (on sabbatical Autumn term 2019/20)
  • Paul Turnbull Senior Research Fellow, Assistant Dean for Criminology, BSc Induction Coordinator
  • Dr Sappho Xenakis Reader in Criminology, Assistant Dean for Research, PGT Induction Coordinator, Convenor of Criminology Seminar Series, Director and Admissions Tutor MSc Global Criminology

Teaching and staff Scholarship

Visiting and Honorary staff 

  • Professor Penny Cooper, Visiting Professor (ICPR)
  • Professor Mike Hough, Emeritus Professor (ICPR)
  • Juliet Lyon CBE, Visiting Professor (ICPR)
  • Gail Mason, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Professor Les Moran, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Joanna Perry, Associate Research Fellow (ICPR)
  • Yonsik Shin, Honorary Research Fellow (ICPR)