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Business services

Contract research and consultancy

Opportunities are available for business to access departmental research expertise and facilities through contract research and consultancy.


  • If your business has a project that would benefit from contract research, or if you would like to discuss any of the opportunities for business further, please contact the Assistant School Manager for Research.

Lab hire for private/commercial purposes

Cooperative Awards in Science and Engineering (CASE) studentships

  • We are keen to work with industrial partners and have been awarded CASE studentships by the BBSRC in the past.
  • BBSRC encourages links in the provision of research training between academic institutions and industry so students can experience different research environments.
    CASE awards are doctoral studentships which provide research training in a partnership between an eligible academic institution and a co-operating company. Students are jointly supervised by an academic and a company supervisor. (More details about eligibility can be found on the BBSRC site.)

The new funding award will provide an additional 190 PhD studentships across the LIDo Partnership over the next five years, at least 55 of which will be for collaborative research with industry.

Scientists from Birkbeck, University of Nottingham and other institutions have made a major breakthrough in understanding how malaria is transmitted.

Dr Giulia Zanetti is one of 403 early career researchers who have been selected to receive a Starting Grant.