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5 - 23 September 2016: ABSORB

Description by the artist, Victoria Ahrens:

Working with the notion of permanence and impermanence, instability and uncertainty, photographs, films and books of the rivers of Argentina become an allegory for the passage of time. Teasing out the traumatic history and politics of these rivers, I turn these topographies into abstracted or fragmented surfaces using traditional and digital photographic processes, film stills and projections. Where these practices overlap, the surface of the photographic print becomes imbued with fragments of the place itself, as the water of the river is used to develop the photographic etching plates in situ. These experiments in print look to confront the imperfections of memory, and like typewriter ribbons that preserve an imprint of the stories written on them in their fibres, map the successive layers that erase and transform the landscape, generating a new narrative from a history of loss and disappearance.