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16 July - 26 July 2019 - Globalisation: an exhibition by year 12 a level photography students from fortismere school

In today's world, planes are getting larger, phones are getting smaller, and deliveries are getting faster.  The only word that can summarise these gargantuan shifts in our society is 'Globalisation'; the process in which the world becomes more interconnected through advancements in technology.   

In this exhibition, 12 young photography students from Fortismere school in North London display their unique, personal perception of the integration and interaction amongst people worldwide.  This project enabled the students to express their individuality through the areas of globalisation each chose to explore, ranging from transportation, climate change, urbanisation and the confluence of architecture and nature, the Brexit landscape, as well as consumerism, the effects of technology and social media, protest rallies, and the multi-cultural population of our city of London.

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