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Frances Hatherley, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Frances Hatherley is a writer, researcher and archivist at the Jo Spence Memorial Library Archive at Birkbeck, University of London. Her PhD from Middlesex University examined the intersections of class and gender in the formations of grotesque, and sublime femininities in art and visual culture. She has published writing on surrealism and the subversive female grotesques of Leonora Carrington’s book The Hearing Trumpet and in David and Al Measles’ film Grey Gardens, and on working-class sexualities and fat femininities in characters from the comic Viz, as well as exploring “Anti-Pygmalion” working-class aesthetics in the photography of Richard Billingham. Frances’s research attempts a critical engagement with working-class women’s subjectivities, creativities, art works, and notions of a classed-aesthetics.

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