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Dr Anita Klesch

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Anita Klesch is an Honorary Research Fellow of the Vasari Research Centre. Her thesis was A Golden Age Or Crisis? The History of Art in the Age of Information Technology, submitted 2011.  This thesis explores the impact that information technology has had on the practice of art history since the 1980s. During that period art history, like other humanities disciplines, has seen itself ‘invaded’ by what seem to many to be alien scientific practices. Some have done their best to resist or minimize the effects of such changes. Others have welcomed them, seeing them as offering a new potential for the subject, one that might even lead to a ‘golden age’ for art history.

She is currently working as part of the Vasari team on the Imaginarchive Project, a pedagogical and cultural concept which is developing innovative approaches to the use of digital collections in education. Along with the Vasari team, she continues to review and assess technologies that enhance the study of the history of art.

Her personal research examines the cultural impact of virtual art exhibitions and virtual museums and the development and practice of Digital Art.