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School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy

In the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy, we offer a dynamic, enriching educational experience, built on our international reputation for research and teaching excellence. We strive for independent, interdisciplinary and critical knowledge and understanding across the humanities and social sciences.

You said:

You wanted the College to offer more academic support

  • Departments across the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy (SSHP) have reviewed their personal tutor system, ensuring that students are contacted early in the academic year and invited to a meeting with their personal tutor.
  • There has been a substantial increase in online support, with tutors available for online drop-in sessions and one-on-one meetings.
  • Studiosity has been flagged up to students across the School as an important source of support for assignments. 

Good-quality assessment and speedy and useful feedback are important to you

  • Departments across the School have continued to improve feedback on and turnaround time for marking. Departments have revised feedback forms, including providing a separate section on how to improve future performance (Department of Politics).
  • Departments in SSHP are participating in the pilot of Mentimeter for providing feedback.
  • The Department of Philosophy has moved all assessments, including exams, to the end of the term in which a module is taught, rather than having them in the summer. 

You wanted more opportunities to give feedback on teaching

  • Across departments, surveys have been used to try and improve the online teaching experience delivered this year.
  • In particular, departments have explored how staff-student exchange meetings can be used to better respond to student feedback on teaching. 

The college could offer better services to support your experience 

  • Online support services provided by the School have been substantially developed this year.
  • Departments have continued to develop mentoring support schemes (Department of History, Classics and Archaeology).
  • In the absence of opportunities for in-person contact, departments have facilitated online peer group support (Department of Geography).
  • The Department of Philosophy moved its 'Weekend Workshops' online, with invited talks and discussions on topics of interest to students.