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School of Science

In the School of Science, our academics are actively engaged in ground-breaking, internationally recognised research, including subjects as diverse as child psychology, climate change, poverty and development, the geology of other planets, and effective treatments for killer diseases.

Survey feedback

You said: You wanted the College to offer more academic support

  • The Department of Biological Sciences has:
    • appointed a Learning Support Officer who has a dedicated Moodle presence and who offers a variety of learning support opportunities
    • increased tutorial support in the final-year project module
    • increased the focus on core academic skills within the Personal Tutor system.
  • The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has:
    • introduced a revision tool in the first-year Introduction to Geology Module and integrated study skills into all Level 4 first-year modules. This is part of an ongoing restructuring of Year 1 modules within which we are incorporating study skills.
    • provided web-based seminars once a week to distance learning students, and offered practical sessions on Saturdays for all students
    • publicised our ‘open door’ policy (including with digital delivery)
    • established a formalised tutor group system and expanded electronic delivery of lectures and extra teaching materials, allowing real-time interaction with lecturers.

You said: Good-quality assessment, and speedy and useful feedback are important to you

  • The Department of Biological Sciences:
    • is using short, in-class tests in a number of modules. These are designed to permit rapid marking, so as to provide regular and timely feedback on learning progress.
    • has expanded use of online, formative computer-based tests that are immediately auto-marked and provide extensive feedback comments.
  • The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has:
    • implemented unified practice for online submission of coursework assessments via Moodle
    • improved central communication with students on assessment hand-in and marking times.

You said: you value getting support with personal development and employability

  • The Department of Biological Sciences has:
    • enhanced the Personal Tutor system, increasing the focus on employability skills.
  • The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has:
    • introduced voluntary research opportunities to allow students the chance to gain some hands-on experience of research in geology.

You said: The College could offer better services to support your experience

  • The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has:
    • completed a review of programme structures to ensure our degrees continue to meet the needs of all students
    • improved formal liaison with students via Staff-Student Exchange Committee meetings
    • improved communication between administrative and academic staff and students.
  • The Department of Psychological Sciences has:
    • worked closely with the Estates and Facilities department to ensure that the learning spaces for teaching meet the needs of all of our student cohorts
    • formalised an end-of-first-term social event with first-year students
    • met with the student-led Psychological Society to plan a range of activities to benefit student social opportunities
    • begun plans to elect social officers for each academic cohort to work with departmental staff and the Psychological Society to help plan social/educational events throughout the academic year.