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School of Business, Economics and Informatics

The School of Business, Economics and Informatics (BEI) is committed to ensuring that our students are given opportunities to develop the full range of their potential. We see our teaching provision as an important part of supporting you in developing your academic and professional skills. We consistently monitor our teaching and the structure of our programmes to ensure that they are ‘fit for purpose’.

Students’ views are collected a number of ways - the feedback given through the National Student Survey (NSS) is one of the most important sources of information, giving us insight into your experience on your course.

Survey feedback

Here are some of the developments we have introduced following previous feedback from the NSS.

You said: You wanted the college to offer more academic support

  • During the pandemic we have worked closely with students and colleagues to ensure that our students could continue their studies. Having moved all teaching online to protect the health and safety of the College community, we have consistently consulted our students to keep a clear picture of how online provision was working for them.
  • We have increased the amount of learning support available. A full range of online study skills resources is available to all our students. We also offer face-to-face study skills workshops or one-to-one appointments with our Learning Development Tutors who can help students with their academic writing, academic English, and maths and stats skills.
  • All students are allocated a Personal Tutor who contacts them early in their studies, and who is available to offer advice and guidance.
  • We are aware of the pressures on our students and have increased our use of learning technology - including recording lectures where possible - so these can be put online for future reference.

You said: Good quality assessment with prompt and useful feedback is important to you

  • We monitor the way we assess students and check how well different types of assessment ‘work’ to allow students to demonstrate achievement. This means we can amend assessment where appropriate to ensure a range of different assessment tasks to give students the chance to build different skills.
  • We have worked to ensure that students are aware of the marking criteria by which their work will be judged.
  • We have improved the My Birkbeck pages so that you can get easier access to the information you need relating to assessment and feedback.
  • We publish our marking and moderation policies so that the marking process is transparent.

You said: You value getting support with personal development and employability

  • We work with a range of professional bodies so that our programmes can gain professional recognition.
  • Our programmes often contain a range of option modules so that students can include different subjects in their degree, broadening their knowledge and skills.
  • Birkbeck Talent helps students get internships and other roles in organisations so they get direct work experience.
  • The College's Careers Service offers Career Coaching, Careers Clinics and a wide range of employment-related advice and guidance.
  • Students who wish to develop their entrepreneurial skills can take part in our Pioneer Programme - a series of extra-curricular workshops that take place every year.

You said: The College could offer better services to support your experience

  • We are working with the Students' Union to gain a better understanding of student needs and to integrate students' views more effectively into the School's activities.
  • The School is developing more student engagement events so that students can give us their views in informal settings as well as through the formal feedback routes.
  • We work closely with the College's central services to ensure that students get academic and/or pastoral support when they need it.
  • The Student Advice Service offers an easily accessible source of advice on a wide range of matters relating to the student experience outside the classroom.