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Residence requirements for 'Home' students

The fees you will be asked to pay and your financial support entitlement will differ depending on whether you are a 'Home' or overseas student. You may be considered a 'Home' student if you fit into one of the following categories:

Category 1

On the first day of the first academic year of the course, you are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and you are a UK national or a national of an EU country, or the ‘relevant family member’ of such a national, or you have one of the following:

  • Indefinite Leave to Enter/Remain (ILE/R)
  • Humanitarian Protection (HP)
  • Right of Abode

and you have lived in the UK for three years before the start of your course

and the main purpose for your residence in the UK and islands must not have been to receive full-time education during any part of that three- year period.

Category 2

You have full refugee status.

Category 3

You are an EU national who has lived in the EEA for three years before the start of your course, and you are exercising your right to work in the UK.

Please note: Assigning Fee Status is a very complex area and therefore the information above is not intended to be an exhaustive guide. Check the UKCISA guide for definitive advice.