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Your exam timetable

We organise several examination periods throughout the year: December/January, March, April/May/June, July, August, and September. Examinations normally take place on weekdays, with start times in the morning, afternoon or evening.

We will email you when your examination timetable is available to view on My Birkbeck. If any details are incorrect, please contact us.

Exam venues

Initially, we will publish the timetable, just giving the date and time of your examinations. We will publish details of the exam venues (buildings and rooms) later, but before the date of your exam, so that you will be prepared for the date of the exam.

Your examination admission notice

Once we have added exam venue details to My Birkbeck, you will be able to download your examination admission notice (your personal exam timetable) and timetable (which you will need for all of your exams).

If you have arranged for personalised exam provision, you will find details of your approved provision on your examination admission notice. Your invigilators will be made aware of your arrangements before the start of your examination.