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Resitting exams

It may be possible to resit your examination if you do not complete it satisfactorily.

Your student handbook and/or programme specifications for your course should tell you whether it is possible. If you have any specific questions on this matter, please contact your course administrator.

If you are entitled to resit, you will have to wait until the next scheduled examination to resit your examination. Generally resit exams are held in the period from mid-August to mid-September - with the exception of the departments of Management and Organizational Psychology, when resits are scheduled in March, July and August.

If you resit your exam without re-attending the lectures/seminars of the module, your exam result will be capped at 40% (for undergraduate students) or 50% (for postgraduate students).

Please note: if you have to resit your examination when you've finished the rest of your course, you may need to pay an assessment fee.