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Coursework deadlines

Each piece of assessment you are set will have to be completed by a set deadline. If you are unable to meet this deadline, your assessment will receive a penalty mark (capped at the pass mark), unless you have submitted a mitigating circumstances claim that has been accepted. 

Re-entering coursework

  • It may be possible to submit a new piece of coursework for assessment if you do not complete it satisfactorily. Your handbook and programme specifications for the regulations applying to your programme of study should tell you whether it is possible. Or you can ask your programme director or course administrator for advice on this. (Please note: if you are planning to submit your coursework after you've finished the rest of your course, you may need to pay an assessment fee.)
  • Usually you will need to pass all assessment elements to pass the module overall. If you fail to pass a module, then the Board of Examiners will decide, within the relevant regulations, whether:
    • You will need to re-take the module.
    • You will be able to attempt a re-assessment - if you do this, your re-assessment will be capped at 40% (undergraduate students) or 50% (postgraduate students).
  • You will normally be offered a maximum of three attempts (UG, LLB) or a maximum of two attempts (PG) at passing a module (the original attempt plus two or one further attempts respectively, each of which will either be a re-assessment or retake). After this, if the module has not been passed, it will be classed as a fail. In some cases, this will mean that it will not be possible for you to gain the award that you have registered for; in such cases, your registration will normally be terminated.


  • If you fail a module, you must re-take the module in order to pass it. This requires attendance of all the module teaching sessions and another attempt at the assessment. This applies regardless of the marks you achieved in any element of assessment at the previous attempt.
  • You cannot retake a module you have passed in order to gain a higher mark, unless a deferral is granted on the basis of mitigating circumstances.


  • You may be offered the opportunity to be re-assessed, as an alternative to a re-take. A re-assessment means you may be permitted to take another attempt at the failed element(s) of assessment; it does not require attendance at lectures or seminars. You may be required to take an alternative form of assessment for failed elements as part of re-assessment, and the timing of any re-assessment will normally be at the next normal assessment opportunity.
  • You cannot be re-assessed on a module you have passed in order to gain a higher mark, unless a deferral is granted on the basis of mitigating circumstances.