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The Rosalind Franklin laboratory provides general facilities, including a good range of small benchtop equipment, as well as more specialist equipment. Most of the equipment is for communal use and has to be booked.

Equipment belonging to particular research groups may, in most cases, be used with the permission of the grant-holder.

General equipment

  • Balances, pH meter, mixers, eppendorf centrifuges, electrophoresis equipment and gel imaging 
  • A defined washing up area with washing machine, drying oven and reagent preparation area 
  • Benchtop and floor standing autoclaves for media preparation and waste disposal 
  • -80 freezer space is provided and -20 freezers and refrigerators. 

Specialised equipment

Specialist equipment is listed below. Where a piece of equipment is marked with an asterisk (*), you must speak to the grant-holder before using it. 

Bacterial Cell Culture

  • Two Infors Multitron incubator shakers
  • One Sartorius Braun Certomat incubator shaker
  • Two Thermo Scientific SHKE800 incubator shakers
  • Two New Brunswick Innova 42R incubator shaker* (yeast cell culture)
  • Benchtop shaker incubator and plate incubators
  • French Press
  • Sonicator
  • Emulsiflex C3 cell homogeniser 


  • Beckman Optima LXP Ultracentrifuge
  • Beckman Optima TLX benchtop Ultracentrifuge*
  • Beckman Avanti J-20 XP high-speed centrifuge
  • Two Hettich Rotina 420 R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge 
  • Beckman Avanti J-20 I high-speed centrifuge

Protein purification

  • Four AKTA purifiers*
  • Two AKTA FPLCs
  • Two AKTA primes*
  • Two AKTA Pure*


  • Kyratec Supercycler Trinity
  • Primus 25 Thermocycler
  • PCRmax Alpha Cycler 1 


  • Two Elix Millipore water system
  • One single door Foster cold cabinet
  • One double door Foster cold cabinet*