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Our state-of-the-art facilities include:

  • biosafety laminar air flow cabinets and chemical fume hoods
  • standing, shaking, rolling mycobacterial culture incubators
  • CO2 -wet incubator for eukaryotic cell cultures
  • gel documentation units
  • refrigerated centrifuges, benchtop micro-centrifuges
  • stereo, compound, inverted microscopes with digital photography units and a networked computer
  • 4ºC, -20ºC, -80ºC fridge-freezers
  • ribolyser sample homogenizer
  • PCR machines
  • digital electro-transformation units
  • ultra-sonicators and sonicator baths
  • DNA, RNA and protein gel running apparatus
  • semi-dry western blot apparatus
  • spectrophotometers
  • microplate readers
  • HT-SPOTi mini robots (apparatus with multiple dispensing cassettes)
  • autoclaves, dry oven and microwave oven
  • ultra-pure Water System
  • AKTA for recombinant protein purification