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Earth and Planetary Sciences research

Our research is wide-ranging, built on a curiosity-driven interdisciplinary approach to make fundamental advances in our understanding of Earth and planetary systems. We use our improved knowledge of the Earth system to benefit society, especially with regard to policy, prediction and mitigation of natural hazards and environmental change.

The reach of our research extends to policy makers including the UK and international governments, EU and its member states and other international institutions such as the UN. It has facilitated a unique UK-DPRK-US-China collaboration that offers positive lessons in science diplomacy and led to changes in the earthquake model for Greece in Solvency II, an EU initiative for insurance cover relating to natural hazards.

In our joint submission with UCL, Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences at Birkbeck were rated 17th in the UK in 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

Research Projects and Key Discoveries

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Research centres and labs

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