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Clinical opportunities in law

Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre

The Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre provides people in need with legal advice and representation. Students are partnered with professionals at the centre to provide legal advice for people living with HIV, many of whom still experience unlawful discrimination in work, housing and other areas. In addition, their advice covers immigration, asylum, housing or social welfare issues.

Watch a discussion on the clinic by Dr Kojo Koram, Programme Director of the Law LLB at Birkbeck Law School, who is joined by Rajwinder Sahota and Farah Palekar from the Centre, as well as Louise Evans, an alumna who was recently involved in the clinic.


We have partnered with Release, the national centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law, offering students the opportunity to develop ideas and skills alongside an experienced team of solicitors.

Release's legal team provides specialist advice to the public and professionals on issues related to criminal drug laws. It also operates legal outreach surgeries at drug treatment services and homeless day centres around London, advising primarily on welfare benefits, housing and debt issues.

Students on the scheme gain the experience of assisting on casework and advising on the helpline following training.


The Refugee Law Clinic, run by University of London, enables students to participate in a pro bono legal advice clinic for refugee clients.

Students work on cases alongside volunteer lawyers from commercial law firms and under the direct supervision of the supervising lawyer. They are trained in the relevant law and policy, as well as a range of other areas such as practical skills, ethics and professional responsibilities.