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HR Excellence in Research award

Birkbeck received the HR Excellence in Research Award in 2017. We have undertaken our two-year internal review of progress on the award in 2019.

The HR Excellence in Research Award measures the College's progress towards the implementation of the Concordat to support the career development of researchers. It also looks to use an action plan methodology, to improve the College's research environment by implementing changes that are driven from the research base. Details of the process followed to devise the action plan are given in its the executive summary.

Birkbeck is applying the Concordat’s broad definition of researchers to the Award process - 'postgraduate [PhD] students, research-only employees on short-term projects, part-time staff, lecturers and professors with a range of duties, including research' - to ensure that it implements improvements to the environment of all those undertaking research and, also, to support excellence in research holistically.

The whole process will be managed and overseen by an Academic Advisory Board, to ensure that the needs of researchers remain at the heart of the process. The Academic Advisory Board will meet on a termly basis and will report to the College formally once per year, via the HR Strategy and Policy Committee (HRSPC), and informally on a termly basis. (These reports will also be passed to Research Committee for information.) Read the Terms of Reference for the Academic Advisory Board.

The College is keen to use the Academic Advisory Board as a developmental opportunity for colleagues who have not had much experience with committee work.

The governance structure for the Award both embeds it within our current structures and processes and includes mechanisms to access all Schools and relevant Professional Service departments.