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Museums in the Pandemic is an interdisciplinary project and members of the team all work in close collaboration.

Here, we briefly outline the specific contribution of each staff member:

  • Professor Fiona Candlin is principal investigator and has overall responsibility for co-ordinating and delivering the Museums in the Pandemic project. She will be the lead author on website content, monthly updates, and a final report.
  • Professor Alexandra Poulovassilis is co-investigator of the project and will lead on the development of new database and web application functionality.
  • Dr Andrea Ballatore is co-investigator of the project and will lead on the online data collection, web analytics, and natural language processing.
  • Professor Peter Wood is co-investigator of the project bringing expertise in data analytics and data visualisation.
  • Dr Jamie Larkin is a contributing academic and will organise and conduct interview-based research.
  • Dr Val Katerinchuk is the computer science researcher and will research and design the development of web applications and software.
  • Mark Liebenrood is the museums researcher on the project and will collect and validate data.