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Cities, Housing and Home Research Cluster

The School of Social Science has a formidable research focus on cities, housing and home in the Global South and North. Our work uses diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to explore social inequalities, urban policy and possibilities for sustainability in the ways we live in cities. This research informs the innovative interdisciplinary MSc Sustainable Cities.

Our research is socially engaged, policy-relevant and involves working with voluntary sector organisations, artists and policymakers. We have strong international links including the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, which hosts our field trip and facilitates students and staff from the two institutions working together and with NYU, New York.

Recent funded projects

  • Engineering food (2020-2021): Infrastructure Exclusion and 'Last Mile' Delivery in Brazilian Favelas. In this interdisciplinary projectDr Mara Nogueira examines the supply chains and social networks that stand behind the availability, accessibility and consumption of fresh food in Brazilian favelas in two cities, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. The project is a collaboration between LSE, INSPER (Brazil) and Birkbeck.
  • Gentrification and African-American churches (2016-17): Dr William Ackah received a Fulbright All Disciplines Award based at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Metro Urban Institute to undertake research on the impact of gentrification on African-American church congregations and communities in the Larimer and Hill Districts of Pittsburgh and to compare their experiences to those of African and African Caribbean communities in two London Boroughs.