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Birkbeck History Teachers' Network

The Birkbeck History Teachers' Network is an informal social forum for current and former students of the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology who teach history in secondary schools, as well as their teaching colleagues.

The main focus of the network is for teachers to meet each other and make contact. Furthermore, it bridges the gap between school and university teachers, allowing them to discuss resources, curriculum changes and topics. The network aims to ensure that teachers' studies at Birkbeck are as relevant as possible to their work in the classroom.

Recent activities of HCA colleagues in schools and with school teachers

  • May 2019 meeting of the History Teachers Network, was part of the Department’s Discover the Past activities: Ben Walsh and Rebecca Sullivan (The Historical Association), Andrew Payne (The National Archives), John Siblon and Nicole Albrecht (PhD students at the Department), and other school teachers and academic historians discussed the creation and use of teaching resources for use in the classroom.
  • The Hidden Persuaders project (PI Daniel Pick) worked with 80 Year 12 students from three London schools on the theme of brainwashing.
  • The Reluctant Internationalist project (PI Jessica Reinisch) worked with the illustrator Francesca Sanna and ran primary school workshops around the theme of migration, flight, war and empathy.
  • Nik Wachsmann’s AHRC project and subsequent research produced a website of teaching and learning resources about the Nazi Concentration Camps.
  • Jessica Reinisch and the Historical Association ran a Teacher Fellowship Programme on the Cold War, which produced a number of classroom teaching resources on Cold War history.

Contact us

The network meets once a term. for further information or to be added to the network's mailing list.