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Propose an Exhibition

Academics and MPhil/PhD students at Birkbeck, as well as academics from outside Birkbeck, can propose exhibitions for the Peltz Gallery. 

Eligibility requirements 

We encourage any of the following to submit a proposal to us:

  • academics at Birkbeck (academics outside of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences must be supported by a Faculty academic)
  • MPhil/PhD students at Birkbeck (you must be supported by a Birkbeck academic within your school)
  • academics outside of Birkbeck (your proposal must be supported by a Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences academic). 

Owing to the tax status of the Peltz Gallery, all proposed exhibitions must offer free admission. This means that charges cannot be offset from any income. 

Submit a proposal 

If you would like to make a proposal, please complete this online form. Once completed, please  to notify the gallery. Note that the gallery is programming at least 12 months in advance.

Our current availability is limited to Summer 2025, and then Spring 2026 onwards. If you have a proposal that would not fit with those dates we currently would not be able to programme it, however it can still be useful to send in your application so that we are aware of your proposal if programming slots do become available. 

Proposals are reviewed at committee meetings, which take place once a term.