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Birkbeck Forum for Nineteenth-Century Studies

Past events







  • Lene Østermark-Johansen (Copenhagen): The Rhythms of Life and Art: Symons and the Interrelationship between Sculpture and Dance at the Fin de Siècle
  • Joseph Bristow (UCLA): Homosexual Blackmail in 1890s London: The Fitzroy Street Raid, the Oscar Wilde Trials, and the Case of Cotsford Dick
  • Vybarr Cregan-Reid (Kent): Running Wilde: Outdoor Exercise and the Peculiar History of the Treadmill
  • Collecting and Archiving the Victorians 
  • Adriana Craciun, Felix Driver and Michael Bravo: Writing Arctic Disaster: Authorship and Exploration#
  • Bethan Stevens (Sussex): The Wood Engraver's Self Portrait: The Dalziel Brothers 1839-1893
  • Marta Weiss (V&A) with Colin Ford: Julia Margaret Cameron: New Discoveries


  • Defining Digital Dickens: Mutual Friends/Virtual Friends
  • Richard Adelman (Sussex): Our Strange Disquietude: Ruskin and Gothic Literature 
  • David McAllister (Birkbeck): Better Thoughts of Death: Dickens, Association Psychology and the Birth of the Garden Cemetery
  • Adapting Our Mutual Friend for TV and Radio, Featuring Sandy Welch, Mike Walker and Jeremy Mortimer  
  • Sue Zemka (Colorado): Prosthetic Hands and Phantom Limbs 
  • Sean Grass (Iowa): What Money Can Make of Life: Willing Subjects and Commodity Culture in Our Mutual Friend
  • Michael Hatt (Warwick) and Jason Edwards (York): Roundtable on the 'Sculpture Victorious' Exhibition
  • Anna Henchman (Boston): Darwin's Earthworms and the Sense of Touch
  • Roundtable on Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Marble Faun, featuring Catherine Edwards (Birkbeck) and Victoria Mills (Cambridge)
  • Dominic Janes (Birkbeck): Picturing the Victorian Closet
  • Roundtable on the Our Mutual Friend Reading Project 


  • Roundtable on the Our Mutual Friend Reading Project 
  • Sophie Thomas (Ryerson): A Strange and Mixed Assemblage: Sir John Soane, Archivist of the Self
  • Paul White (Cambridge): The Evolution of the Blush
  • Hilary Fraser (Birkbeck): Women Writing Art History in the Nineteenth Century: Looking Like a Woman
  • Rachel Teukolsky (Vanderbilt): Cartomania: Sensation, Celebrity and the Democratized Portrait
  • Nicholas Gaskill (Rutgers): Interior Designs: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Progressive Art of Pure Colour
  • Mary Hunter (McGill): Ladies in Waiting: Time and Gynecology in Toulouse-Lautrec's Rue des Moulins (1894)
  • Sarah Thomas (Birkbeck): Curating 'Empire' at Tate: Dissonance and British Art
  • Workshop: From Text to Screen and Back: Adaptation Across Media
  • Panel Discussion: Clouds: Objects, Metaphor, Phenomena
  • Pamela Gilbert (Florida): Body Objects and History: The Skin of the Marquis
  • Dennis Denisoff (Ryerson): The Eco-Politics of Women's Pagan Desires 
  • Vladimir Jankovic (Manchester): Climate Fetishism in the Long Nineteenth Century?
  • Jennifer Tucker (Wesleyan): Facing Facts: The Tichborne Cause Celebre and the Rise of Modern Visual Evidence
  • Angela Dunstan (Kent): Sculptography, Sculpting Machines, and Inanimate Sculptors: Sculpture, Authenticity and Replication in Victorian Literature
  • James Chandler (Chicago): The Melodramatic Imagination Revisited
  • Richard Taws (UCL): Proofs of Life: The Dauphin and his Doubles in Nineteenth-Century France
  • Mary Jean Corbett (Miami University, Ohio): Behind the Times? Sarah Grand, Social Purity and Virginia Woolf 


  • Kate Flint (USC): Intrusive Light: Flash Photography and Documentary Work 
  • Elizabeth Helsinger (Chicago): Mediating Song: Pre-Raphaelite Balladry in Poetry and Paint
  • Benjamin Morgan (Chicago): How Matter Learned to Think: Wilkie Collins, Walter Pater and Psychological Aesthetics
  • Reading Blindness in the Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth-Century Archive: Roundtable with Hannah Thompson (RHUL), Heather Tilley (Birkbeck) and Matthew Rubery (QMUL)
  • Alison Booth (Virginia): A Network of Trollopes, an Italy of Women: Historical Biography, Nationhood and Events
  • On Cosmopolitan: Panel Discussion with Stefano Evangelista (Oxford), Alex Murray (Exeter) and Matthew Poyolsky (Utah)
  • Eugenia Gonzalez (Birkbeck): Victorian Dolls and Material Play
  • Amy Levy and Controversy 
  • Martin Myrone (Tate Britain): Spectacle and the Sublime: Romantic Visuality and Contemporary Exhibition Culture
  • Diana Maltz (SOU): Decadence for Kids? Mabel Dearmer and Children's Book Illustrations in the 1890s
  • Simon Dentith (SOU): The Mill on the Floss Under the Sign of Hindsight


  • Thomas Dixon (QMUL): Beyond Little Nell: Victorian Tears Revisited
  • Susan Matthews (Roehampton): Reading Blake in the 1790s: Counterrevolution and European Visual Culture 
  • Mary A Favret (Indiana): The Feeling of Reading
  • Tom Mole (McGill): Nineteenth-Century Anthologies and the Lyricization of Literature
  • Andrew H Miller (Indiana): A Case of Metaphysics: Counterfactuals, Realism, Great Expectations