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Community engagement

We work with various stakeholders in a variety of education, outreach and research activities. These include:

  • hackdays with local primary and secondary schools
  • workshops with schools on developing web and mobile apps
  • programming workshops with Code First: Girls and Women Who Code
  • art and programming workshops on robotics using the Raspberry Pi
  • courses in Python, Scratch and Java with secondary schools
  • participating in Computing and Schools, which aims to support schools in delivering the ICT curriculum
  • research projects on design of intelligent tools for learning maths and digital literaties other subjects, providing personalisation, guidance and analytics to learners and teachers
  • research projects on support for lifelong learning and career guidance, with further education institutions and professional bodies
  • research projects in cultural heritage preservation and digital repatriation, with museums and libraries
  • exhibitions of our research on mobile and pervasive computing at museums and festivals.

Please  if you would like to collaborate with us in these or similar activities.