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PhD programme

The Birkbeck Sport Business Centre has a proud record of successful PhD students, who have explored a wide range of topics and remain actively involved with the Centre. We have a vibrant and supportive PhD network for sport management students at Birkbeck, which is part of the broader Birkbeck PhD Management community and the wider network of PhD students studying in London and the rest of the UK.

Studying for a PhD in sport management at Birkbeck means being part of the broader Birkbeck MPhil/PhD Management programme. This programme involves several taught modules in your first year and then a structured but flexible programme of independent study in subsequent years. You can study a PhD full-time or part-time and, if you are accepted, you get to work with members of the Centre as expert supervisors.

Current PhD Students

  • Richard Irving - Sustainability in Football: The community ownership model
  • Bethan Taylor-Swaine - Representations and identities of women in ultra running
  • Phil Turbutt - Fan engagement strategies: a case study of the Red Wall movement in Wales
  • George Wills - The determinants of fan demand in European football's continental club tournaments

Former PhD Students

  • Geoff Walters - Corporate governance in the football industry: A stakeholder analysis
  • Jee-Seon Park - The distanced consumer's cognitive process in making relationship decisions
  • Giambattista Rossi - The economic value of professional football players: An empirical analysis on Serie A players
  • Richard Tacon - Social capital development in voluntary sports clubs
  • Mark Panton - How do stakeholders influence stadium-led regeneration?
  • Richard Evans - Financial regulation and club owner behaviour in an open professional sports league: An empirical assessment
  • Jonathan Saunders - An investigation into the economic regulatory framework of English football in the post-modern era: The value of a regulatory space approach