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Threat Intelligence Lab

As the world is getting more and more connected, cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Research in cyber security is critical not only to the UK's safety but also its scientific reputation and competitiveness. This has prompted enormous investment in powerful computing facilities and infrastructure that can support cyber security and defence over many years and through several national initiatives.

BIDA's Threat Intelligence Lab specialises in data-driven cyber security research. It has set out on a journey to bridge the gap between the advancement of machine learning and the progression of cyber security with the objective of creating the next generation intelligent cyber defence and security research environment for future cyber warfare, including the applications of cyber physical systems (e.g. autonomous vehicle). Most recently, BIDA-TIL won the prestigious Samsung award for research to protect IoT devices. BIDA-TIL is led by Dr Paul Yoo.

The combined team comprises nearly 30 academics, research staff, affiliates and postgraduate students, and is anticipated to grow over the next few years.

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  • Zaid Almahmoud (Oct 2021 onwards)
  • Alberto Matuozzo (Oct 2020 onwards)
  • Dilara Uysal (Jan 2021 onwards)
  • Fotios Nastis (Oct 2021 onwards)
  • Gasso Mwaluseke (Oct 2020 onwards)
  • Gurmender Atwal (Jan 2020 onwards)
  • Lawrence Olusanya (Oct 2020 onwards)
  • Neil Mackinnon (Oct 2020 onwards)
  • Seongil Han (graduated Dec 2021 and currently with LG)
  • Ahmed Alhammadi (KUST)
  • Amélie Grenier (Cranfield)
  • James Payne (Bournemouth)


  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • BT
  • ESA
  • DSTL
  • The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Korea