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About us

The Birkbeck Institute for Data Analytics (BIDA) was founded to develop interdisciplinary research in data analytics and data science.

Analytics is a multidimensional discipline combining statistics, computing, operational research and domain-specific knowledge. It is used as a generic descriptor that is applied to many different fields, including predictive analytics, risk analytics, behavioural analytics, visual analytics and infographics. It is increasingly relevant to all businesses and is a key source of new research findings, innovation, knowledge and services.

BIDA is based in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. It provides the focus and a platform for research that combines data from computing and pervasive technologies, statistics, finance, business, biology, physics, medicine, healthcare, education, transport, politics, geography, archaeology, linguistics, psychology, social networks, social science, law and humanities.

This convergence of data from different domains and the growth in analytical tools and techniques not only develops whole new areas of expertise, but also enables identification of meaningful patterns in data, extracts greater value from data, and helps gain new insights that lead to new knowledge and societal impact.