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Funding proposals

In light of recent events, BiGS is committed to supporting and developing events across Birkbeck that respond to the theme of ‘care’ and its relationship to issues of gender and sexuality.

We are especially interested in supporting events with an interdepartmental or interdisciplinary focus, and those that create encounters between academics, activists, artists and the public; and in this instance, those who care, are cared for, or not cared for enough.  

While care is our guiding theme, we are keen to support other gender and sexuality related events too.

For the remainder of the academic year 2020-21 at least, you should be thinking of planning these events as online activities. 


To propose an event of any kind, please send the following information by .

  • Name of event
  • Type of event (delete of change as appropriate)
    • Conference/symposium
    • Public conversation/interview
    • Performance/screening/exhibition/presentation
    • Any other
  • Brief summary (no more than 400 words)
  • Possible people/organisations/departments/Schools/research centres involved
  • Finance acquired or needed (BiGS has a small budget usually to support non-academic and non-salaried contributors)
  • Type of tech, room or resources needed
  • Preferred term, date and time

If you have any questions on how best to realise your event, please  for guidance.