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Talent management framework

The purpose of the Talent Management Framework of Professional Behaviours is to support the performance, learning and career development of all professional and support staff at Birkbeck. It is for all grades, career stages and differing personal aspirations.       

The framework highlights behaviours that distinguish effective performance in Birkbeck professional and support roles. The behaviours were developed through structured focus groups and validation panels, involving over 70 Birkbeck staff, managers and directors in 2018-19.


There are nine behavioural categories:

  • professionalism, quality and reliability
  • service delivery and achieving results
  • positive relationships and collaboration
  • innovation and change
  • delivering Birkbeck’s mission and strategies
  • leadership and integrity
  • self-awareness and resilience
  • communicating and listening
  • managing self and others.

These categories are universal across all grades from 3 to 9. The behaviours are not the tasks associated with a particular role, they identify how an individual performs a role. It does not assume that these are the only effective behaviours - they are the key ones.


Overall, the framework will:

  • enhance Birkbeck’s performance through supporting effective individual performance
  • support development and career planning
  • assist succession planning
  • foster equality of opportunity by providing a transparent and accessible framework.

View the full framework document (PDF).