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Homeworking policy


This policy details the arrangements for and the conditions on which homeworkers are employed by Birkbeck to work from or at home.

Birkbeck employs, in certain circumstances, individuals who solely or mainly work from home where, for contractual purposes, their work base is their home (this does not include Sessional Lecturers). Birkbeck reserves the right to agree to an employee working from home on a trial basis. If such homeworking proves problematic or unsuitable to Birkbeck’s operational requirements and business needs, then the arrangements may be discontinued at Birkbeck’s discretion.

Birkbeck will put in place certain arrangements to assist homeworkers in the effective carrying out and performance of their duties.

Where an employee wishes to request to work from home they must refer to the Flexible working policy.


The basic terms and conditions on which homeworkers are employed will be as set out in the offer letter and in their Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment. With the exception of the place of work, these will be comparable to 'office'-based employees.

All Birkbeck policies and procedures will also apply unless it is clearly stated to the contrary. Homeworkers must refer to Birkbeck’s policies, all of which are contained in the Staff Handbook, which has been provided to the homeworker.

The homeworker will be required to work the hours specified in his/her Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment.


Reviews of work will take place regularly between the homeworker and his/her line manager.

Personal work objectives or targets will be agreed between the homeworker and his/her line manager and should reflect his/her expected contribution towards the College’s overall goals.

The homeworker will be advised in advance of the date of any such meeting, which will usually be held at Birkbeck’s premises.

The purpose of the meeting will be to assess the progress of work allocated to the homeworker and to receive feedback on any problems or concerns the homeworker may have with respect to the work, the arrangements for and the facilities provided to him/her for the carrying out of such work.

In addition, staff development scheme meetings will be conducted each year by the line manager as detailed in Birkbeck’s Staff Development Scheme.


It is recognised that the majority of training occurs within the normal working environment - where employees receive operational training, coaching, detailed procedural guidance and day-to-day advice. Because homeworkers do not have access to this informal training, special consideration will be given to support the development of homeworkers.

All new employees are invited to a Birkbeck induction and all homeworkers are encouraged to attend. However, if this is not possible they will be sent any appropriate documentation from the event.

Where a homeworker has to attend Birkbeck or other premises in order to receive appropriate formal or informal training, overnight accommodation may be provided where necessary. An individual training and development plan will be prepared for each homeworker by his/her line manager in line with the staff development scheme. Where possible, training and meetings will be arranged within the local area.


5.1 Birkbeck recognises the importance of effective communication and has put in place a communication system whereby staff are informed and kept up to date with events and also have an opportunity to air their views and problems.

In this way, information moves downwards through Birkbeck to the workforce and upwards to the policy and decision makers.

Homeworkers in particular need to have effective and continuous access to this communication system so that they are able to identify with the team or unit to which they belong, also to Birkbeck as a whole and so they can participate in Birkbeck’s affairs and events.

5.2 Homeworkers will therefore be sent or have access to the following publications/information:

  • internal vacancy notifications as displayed on the intranet
  • ‘staff news’ produced by the College Secretary contains information on the College’s performance, social events, personnel changes and other current events
  • any internal or inter-staff memoranda applicable to homeworkers.

5.3 The line manager of the homeworker will support him/her as and when needed and provide an additional source of communication and advice. Regular contact should be maintained between the homeworker and their line manager, this may be over the telephone, by email or in person.

5.4 The most important aspect of the communication process is the need for personal interaction between the homeworker and the other members of his/her department. In addition to the compulsory work review meetings, homeworkers will be invited to attend and/or contribute to meetings and to meet colleagues in order to keep in touch with the College on a social level.

5.5 Homeworkers will be asked to give their consent to their contact details (either telephone, emails or home address) being used for the purposes of Section 5.


Birkbeck will arrange for a risk assessment of the work activities carried out by homeworkers. Where necessary, the risk assessment will be carried out by the line manager in the homeworker’s home (homeworkers must consent to reasonable access (Word) (Birkbeck staff only)). Homeworkers may also assist in the identification of hazards.

Following the completion of the risk assessment, the College will consult with the homeworker as appropriate and take such steps as are necessary to prevent harm to him/her, or to anyone else who may be affected by his/her work.

All employees are expected to familiarise themselves with the Statement of Health and Safety Policy (Birkbeck staff only), March 2005, as this contains further information relating to the employee’s and Birkbeck’s health and safety responsibilities.

Additional information can be found on the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Connect site (Birkbeck staff only), and specifically in the health and safety policies (Birkbeck staff only).

Homeworkers should be advised that Birkbeck is only responsible for equipment supplied by Birkbeck. It is the homeworker’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical sockets are safe. For further advice, please contact Birkbeck’s Health and Safety Officer.


To facilitate the effective carrying out of a homeworker’s duties, Birkbeck will provide equipment as appropriate to the needs of Birkbeck and to the work undertaken. This may include some of the following:

  • telephone
  • fax machine
  • laptop/desktop computer
  • computer software/licences
  • printer
  • photocopier
  • desk and chair
  • filing cabinet(s)
  • desk stationery
  • Birkbeck letter paper and other stationery
  • writing materials.

Line managers will be required to complete a checklist identifying what equipment will be required (Word) (Birkbeck staff only), and an inventory will be kept by the line manager as a means of recording the equipment supplied. The employee will be required to sign for the receipt of any equipment provided.

The equipment supplied will remain the property of Birkbeck, employees are required to store equipment safely and responsibly. The equipment must be returned to Birkbeck in the event that the homeworker leaves Birkbeck’s employment.

Homeworkers are not required to take out additional insurance to cover Birkbeck equipment, however, they are advised to check that their home building and/or contents insurance(s) are not invalidated by working from home or by the storage and use of Birkbeck equipment at home. Any additional costs to the homeworker’s insurance, as a result of working from home, will be met by Birkbeck, where evidence of the additional costs is provided.



The homeworker will be entitled to receive reimbursement of any costs incurred in the provision of services connected to the work activity that are agreed with his/her line manager, as necessary to carry out his/her role.

In all cases, reimbursement of installation and rental costs will be subject to Birkbeck being satisfied that these items would not have been installed, but for the employee’s obligation to Birkbeck and that the employee actually incurs the costs. Examples of provisions may include:

  • installation and rental costs of a telephone
  • outgoing telephone calls made on Birkbeck business
  • installation, rental costs of a fax machine and operational costs
  • installation and rental costs of modem/broadband connection
  • costs of postage and couriers with the proviso that the latter cost must only be incurred where a delivery has to be made on an urgent basis. All other mail should ordinarily be sent second class unless instructed otherwise.

No more than one installation charge per employee will be reimbursed. Employees will make their own arrangements for any installation required.

Payment of telephone, fax and modem accounts will be the responsibility of the employee who, after making the payments, may claim reimbursement.

Reimbursement will be made on the basis of a quarterly expense claim form being submitted as detailed in Birkbeck’s Reimbursement of expenses procedure (Birkbeck staff only).


Travel between the homeworker’s home and Birkbeck’s premises or any other location visited on behalf of Birkbeck is regarded as business travel and will be reimbursed. For all claims for reimbursement of travel expenses, staff should submit a claim for expenses (Birkbeck staff only).


Any additional home expenses such as heating and lighting, which are incurred as a result of working from home will not be reimbursed by Birkbeck.


Birkbeck will not be liable for any increase in the homeworker’s mortgage payments or any similar liability as a result of the homeworker working from home and as may be imposed by a building society or similar lender. The homeworker is advised to ensure for his/her own information whether there may be any consequential increase or effect on his/her mortgage payments.


All those persons referred to within this policy are required to adhere to its terms and conditions. They must understand that this policy is also incorporated into their contract of employment.

Individual managers are responsible for ensuring that this policy is applied within their own area. Any queries on the application or interpretation of this policy must be discussed with the Human Resources team prior to any action being taken.