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Corporate statements

Statement on Gaza universities (2 February 2024)

As part of the international academic community, Birkbeck academics express their grave concern about the destruction of educational and academic institutions in Gaza and the loss of life experienced by academics and researchers, some of whom were University of London alumni. It is understood all seven universities in Gaza have been destroyed or severely damaged and some reports say that that 90 percent of schools have suffered ‘significant damage’.

Birkbeck believes that academic exchange transcends borders and co-operation is vital to solving many of the world’s challenges. A prolonged conflict will only make the situation in Gaza worse. We call for a resolution in order to move forward to protect civilian life, including schools, universities, students and academics.

Birkbeck through its history has been welcoming to those of all faiths and none and displaced persons of all kinds. Birkbeck is proud of its University of Sanctuary status and its support for the Compass Project where we support students from forced migrant backgrounds into Higher Education.

Statement on conflicts in Gaza, Israel and Nagorno-Karabakh (11 October 2023)

  • News of the recent conflicts in Gaza and Israel and Nagorno-Karabakh will be distressing for many of our staff and students, and particularly those with connections to these areas.
  • The College is contacting students directly who are known to be from the areas to offer welfare and other support.
  • Other staff and students, although not from the areas, may still be affected by the events and especially those with family or friends there. Students can contact the Student Wellbeing Service for support and staff, our Employee Assistance Programme, should you wish to.
  • At Birkbeck, we acknowledge that diverse perspectives and experiences enrich learning, and we work hard to maintain a supportive environment where staff and students can express their views whilst maintaining understanding, respect, and empathy for each other. We want to emphasise a particular need among the Birkbeck community for respectful dialogue when discussing distressing events and particularly those of which staff and students may have direct experience.
  • While individual members of the College community are free to express their personal views, provided they do so within the law, Birkbeck expects high standards of mutual respect and conduct among staff and students.
  • Birkbeck condemns all forms of racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, discrimination, incitement and bullying and harassment in our community.
  • We also want to emphasise that the views of individuals should not be taken to represent the views of the College and the College community.