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Waste management and the environment

We use uses differently coloured bags during daily collections of waste: 

  • red bags for general waste 
  • clear bags for recycling (cans, glass, paper and plastic). 

Birkbeck's waste is processed under contract with SUEZ Recycling and Recovery

Disposing of other items 

To dispose of items that can't be included in everyday waste/recycling,

Bulky items

  • Raise an ASK query about the removal of bulky items, including large boxes, cardboard, unwanted furniture or any large packaging. 
  • If you need the cleaners to remove bulky items after 9am, you may incur a charge. 
  • In order to discourage fly-tipping, please do not take your own waste items to the bin area in the passageway between Birkbeck and Student Central. 

Equipment, furniture and wood items

  • Raise an ASK query about the removal of furniture, equipment and wood items. You will need to pay a fee for this service. 
  • These items must be disposed of in accordance with ISO14001 regulations

Fridge and chiller disposal

Confidential waste shredding