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Who we work with

Access and Engagement advocate for students who face these additional barriers, providing information, advice and guidance to support them in accessing and succeeding at university. Through our programmes we aim to empower our students to navigate both the step into university and the university system once they have begun their studies. 

We partner with a wide range of organisations across London to reach individuals who face barriers to higher education and to share expertise on access to higher education. If you would like to discuss partnering with us, please

Who we work with

Our work aims to support individuals who have the experiences listed below. However, if none of the following speak clearly to your experience or circumstances, please do not discount yourself from being eligible for support:

  • are not currently in education/formal learning with a five or more year gap between their last experience of formal education  
  • don’t have friends or family who have experience of higher education 
  • are living in a low income household (less than £25,000)  
  • have a disability  
  • are forced migrants 
  • hold non-traditional entry route qualifications (e.g. a BTEC or Access qualification) and/or have limited or poor prior attainment 
  • are from an ethnic group which is underrepresented either in the student body and/or in academic teaching staff and/or whose heritage is unrepresented in the university curriculum
  • we work closely with organisations and local authorities in Camden and Newham to provide advice and guidance, and learning opportunities to residents of these boroughs. 

Our partners

  • Charities
  • Grassroots community organisations 
  • Local authorities 
  • Regeneration and social/economic development organisations or departments 
  • Further and adult education colleges 
  • Trade unions 
  • Corporates
  • Other universities 

How we work with our partners 

  • working together on joint projects which focus on lifelong learning and access to education 
  • providing information, advice and guidance about higher education to the people they support
  • delivering dip-in learning opportunities at workplaces, in community venues or on our campus for the people they work with
  • opening up space on our campus for charities and community groups to run workshops or events.